New Hero Cover Revealed

Here’s a peek at the cover for The New Hero. We were lucky enough to snag the services of comics artist and illustrator extraordinaire Gene Ha, who more than met our expectations with the fabulous image you see below.

Gene went above and beyond the call of duty by closely reading each and every one of the fourteen great stories in the collection, placing each protagonist in his composition. He pitched us the idea of a Greek vase as emblematic of the book’s theme, which combines the time-honored structure of the iconic hero tale with fresh new characters, settings, and voices. The individual elements will also appear in the interior, as part of the title treatment for each story.

The first volume of a new line carries a lot of freight. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

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2 comments on “New Hero Cover Revealed
  1. Peter Freeman says:

    Fine stuff! I’ve long had a gripe with covers that fail to represent the contents of my books, but this is perfect for The New Hero. The style is distinctive, while anybody with the slightest spark of imagination is sure to be intrigued by the figures and want to know who they all are. I’m pleased with Violet too, as her black and white dress makes her stand out from the crowd, hopefully causing potential readers to ask what an old fashioned maid is doing among all those warriors and superheroes.


  2. lancelot says:

    I really like the look. At first, I thought it was an old Joseph Campbell book or something, it took a second for me to recognize alternate characters in there.

    great work.

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