About Stoneskin Press

Stone Skin Press is doing some amazing things and is a publisher to look out for. They have shown a willingness to go there, without trying to convince us all how edgy they are, they are just edgy. I feel like Stone Skin Press really has a respect for the genres that they collect stories for. That respect is manifest in the collections that I have read and reviewed so far.”   –Popcults

Stone Skin Press – writing at the crossroads.

Where genre meets literature, where geek culture meets the mainstream, there is Stone Skin Press. With a series of literary anthologies to challenge the boundaries between genres and creative scenes, Stone Skin gathers together writers from such disparate fields as gaming, literary fiction, F/SF, film, YA, comics, and podcasting. Its eclectic author rosters bring colliding perspectives to bear on themes that combine the classic with the surprising.

Who We Are

Simon Rogers is one of the Managing Directors of Pelgrane Press and its Stone Skin Press fiction imprint. He’s been running ProFantasy Software, makers of fine cartographic software now for 18 years, and Pelgrane Press for 12 years, with all that entails, and they’ve sold more than 250,000 software licenses and books in that time. He is enthusiastic about both genre and literary fiction, and wants to contribute to the publishing renaissance in these exciting times.

Cathriona Tobin is the other Managing Director of Pelgrane Press and Stone Skin Press. She’s responsible for the day-to-day administration of Stone Skin Press. A BA in English and Philosophy has given her a strong appreciation for the classics and a desire to produce more of this literature.

Editor and Stone Skin Press Creative Director Robin D. Laws is an author, game designer, and podcaster. His novels include Pierced Heart, The Rough and the Smooth, and The Worldwound Gambit. Robin created the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying rules system and such games as Feng Shui, The Dying Earth, HeroQuest 2 and Ashen Stars. He is one half of the podcasting team behind “Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.” Find his blog, a cavalcade of film, culture, games, narrative structure and gun-toting avians, at robindlaws.com.


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