Gods, Memes and Monsters

A 21st Century Bestiary

The magic of bestiaries, or dictionaries of mythological creatures, has been captivating the human imagination since ancient times. Now, Stone Skin Press brings a fresh take on these compendiums of the fantastic with its latest anthology—Gods, Memes and Monsters. Featuring over sixty authors, this stunning international volume offers entries and short stories that range from the horrific to the humorous. The bestiary shed lights on familiar beasts that are coping in our modern era, including gorgons, minotaurs, and mantichores. It also introduces newly discovered creatures such as meme mosquitoes, trashsquatches, and urbantelopes that are thriving in the cyber age.

The authors include:

Chad Fifer * Charlene Challenger * Chris Lackey * Dave Gross * David Barnes * Dennis Bolen * Dennis Detwiller * Ed Greenwood * Ekaterina Sedia * Emily Care Boss * Gareth Hanrahan * Greg Stafford * Greg Stolze * James Wallis * Jean-Francois Chenier * Jerry Schaefer * Jim Webster * JM Frey * John Tynes * Jonathan Blum * Jonathan Howard * Julia Ellingboe * Kathryn Kuitenbrower * Kenneth Hite * Kurt Zubatiuk * Kyla Ward * Laura Lush * Molly Tanzer * Monica Valentinelli * Myna Wallin * Nancy Kilpatrick * Nick Mamatas * Patrick O’Duffy *
Peter Ball * Peter Chiykowski * Peter Dubé * Peter Freeman * Richard Dansky *
Robin Laws * Rupert Booth *Sam Agro * Sandra Kasturi * Silvia Moreno-Garcia *

…and many, many more.

Pub Date: 1 July 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1-908983-11-4
Price: £9.99/$15.99
Format: B Format – 198x129mm
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 310 pages
ebook: Included


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5 comments on “Gods, Memes and Monsters
  1. Dave says:

    Who’s the cover artist?

  2. Saneshka says:

    What does it mean, “ebook: Included”? Is there an e-book, and if yes, where one can buy it?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      When you buy the print book, you get the ebooks (PDF, EPUB and MOBI) free with your purchase. The ebooks are also available for sale in the store.

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