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Meet The New Heroes: Ray Cazador

Ray Cazador walked into the casino on Bedloe’s Island like he was doing it a favor. Head tilted up, eyes cool, arms akimbo, feet pointed out and forward, just that much short of a swagger in the legs. He didn’t

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Meet The New Heroes: Mednaiya, The Midnight Knight

Playacting or not, this Mednaiya Knight—an incredible beauty, beyond belief!—was unbelievable. Almost as unbelievable as his own wild notion that beauty, agility, and piratical, swashbuckling swordsmanship might have some chance of saving his country from the machine-gun-toting army of Stonefletcher Global

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Meet The New Heroes: Pete Stone

Three hundred miles below the departure lounge’s windows, a blue-brown Africa floated. Four years ago I’d volunteered for a tour in the Belt to escape the consequences of my then best-friend’s unwise decision to leave his fiancée in my care

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New Hero Brief: Story Requirements

With Stone Skin Press’ first books headed for pre-release roll-out, I thought you might enjoy a look inside the process, at the brief I sent out when inviting contributors to take part in The New Hero (and its later follow-up,

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