The New Hero: Vol. 1

Older than the written word and more popular than ever today, the hero story crosses cultures as an eternal constant.

The New Hero gathers an unexpected team of writers, celebrated and emerging, to deliver fourteen thrilling and distinctive variations on this classic theme. Their new heroes span the spectrum from post-apocalyptic seer to post-traumatic arm-twister, from outcast vampire to steam-age avenger, from two-fisted aviator to rabbi pirate.

Join us as selfhood is tested, obstacles shattered, and disorder vanquished.


Bending genres and crossing boundaries are:

Maurice BROADDUS • Monte COOK • Richard DANSKY
Graeme DAVIS  •  Julia Bond ELLINGBOE  •  Peter FREEMAN
Ed GREENWOOD  •  Kenneth HITE  • Adam MAREK
Kyla WARD  •  Chuck WENDIG

Pub Date:    11 April 2013
ISBN-13:     9781908983008
Price:           £8.99
Format:      B Format – 198x129mm
Binding:     Paperback
Extent:       280 pages
ebook:        Included

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  2. […] The New Hero is a two-volume collection based around the idea of the iconic hero. Distinct from the dramatic hero whose story is a journey, the iconic hero stands firm in what he (or she) is, bringing order to an imperfect world. Think Conan rather than Frodo, or Batman rather than Luke Skywalker. My story “Against the Air Pirates” is a tribute to the airpulp sub-genre: I pitched it a “Disney’s Tale Spin written by Robert E. Howard.” I am, and have always been, a vintage plane geek. […]

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