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Stone Skin Press Shop

Our shop is now up and running and taking pre-orders for all four printed books which come with ebooks as standard. Ebooks in all formats (PDF, EPUB & MOBI) are available to buy and download right away. The printed books

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‘The New Gothic’ Submissions Open!

The Gothic is the most enduring literary tradition in history but in recent years friendly ghosts and vegetarian vampires threaten its foundations. This will be a collection of short stories which revisit the core archetypes of the Gothic, the rambling,

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Merry Christmas from Stone Skin Press

Wishing all of you an idle Christmas and New Year. Even Grumpy Idol is getting into the seasonal spirit! Happy Holidays to all!

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The Wolf and Death from The Lion and the Aardvark

Wolf, old and alone, spent the better part of a week tracking a herd of bison, waiting for the youngest one to succumb to the heat of the unusually long summer. He followed them into a valley, where the scent

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Look Out For The Lion and the Aardvark

The Lion and the Aardvark has now gone out to the Fabulist level Kickstarter backers so keep an eye on your mail boxes! It’s also now available in bookshops all over the UK including Blackwells, Waterstones, Foyles and a bunch

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The Lion and the Aardvark is here!

Three boxes arrived at Stone Skin Towers yesterday and nestled within were these beauties. The blue covers are the back and front of the hardback without the dustjacket. The printing quality is excellent and we couldn’t be happier with how

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Meet The New Hero: Jacob Weintraub

Jacob took another drink, straining the sediment out with his teeth. He didn’t turn. A little commotion was nothing new from a whorehouse, and Miss Catherine had plenty of militia boys to handle any rough stuff. Then came the gunshots.

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Meet The New Heroes: Max & Moira

The bullets stopped. All I heard was the stomping of boots and the low groan of someone who hadn’t managed to get out of the way of all that lead. “Moira Erdini!” someone said. “Come on out! You are under

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Meet The New Heroes: The Pilgrim Stranger

Lug dragged his gaze back to the edge of the wood. ‘What— who are you?’ ‘A traveller. A friend. I want you to get behind me. Move slowly. Don’t stop looking at it. Then move as I move.’ ‘What if

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Meet The New Heroes: Claire & Weegee

“Shut the door, Arthur,” Mrs. Simons told me. I just stared at her like some bumpkin getting his first look at the city. It weren’t what she wore so much as who was going to be wearing her, something I

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